Who’s Who

Who’s Who at St Peter’s Church

Team Vicar: The Revd Vanessa Cole  vicar@stpetersoverwallop.co.uk
Churchwarden: (vacant)
Hon. Treasurer: Janet Baldock  treasurer@stpetersoverwallop.co.uk
Hon. Secretary: Hugo Deschampsneufs secretary@stpetersoverwallop.co.uk
Lay Vice Chair of PCC: Stephen Baldock
Electoral Roll Officer: Sally Biles
Safeguarding Officer: Diana Woolf  – contact details on the home page  https://www.stpetersoverwallop.co.uk/

Webmaster: Stephen Baldock  info@stpetersoverwallop.co.uk

The PCC is committed to enabling as many people as possible to worship at St Peter’s and to become part of our church community. Our mission is to put faith into practice through prayer and scripture.

Clergy and Licensed Lay Ministers:

Team Rector (vacant)

The Revd Canon Peter Gilks was Team Rector from January 2015 to July 2019, having served in the Winchester Diocese since he was ordained in 1984.  His last service at St Peter’s was on June 30th and he led his final service in the Team on July 14.  Jacky and he have retired to Devon

All enquiries should be now sent to the Revd Vanessa Cole (see next paragraph).

The Revd Vanessa Cole: Team Vicar
Vanessa has been a member of the Team since 2009, ordained Deacon in 2004 and Priest in 2005 in the Diocese of Bath and Wells. Married to Dave, mum to two daughters, keeper of chickens and kittens! She writes “I have a passion for family life, love working with the schools, and find it a real privilege to be involved in key moments of people’s lives, such as weddings, baptisms and funerals (I recently took part in the Funerals Project). I enjoy tinkering with social media and you can find out a little more about me by visiting www.facebook.com/thewallopingvicar or www.nothinglikeadane.wordpress.com I also like baking and have dreams of entering The Great British Bake Off.”  Tel: 01264 782615 or 07495 085906; email vicar@stpetersoverwallop.co.uk  Please note that the email address pa2pdteam@gmail.com now goes to Stephen Baldock as Team Council Secretary and should no longer be used for communications with Vanessa.

The Revd Matthew Grayshon: Associate Priest
Matthew was ordained in 1981 and served in three parishes (Beverley Minster, Hallwood Cheshire, and St Mary’s Hanwell) before moving to Amport in 2016. He has several times led teams to the Democratic Republic of Congo and to Tanzania in order to support the clergy there and is now the representative for the Diocese of Winchester for partnerships with the Church in Africa. He is married to Jane and has two grown-up children and two grandchildren.  Tel: 07960 299434; email revup@gmail.com

Geoff Wortley: Licensed Lay Minister
Geoff has been a confirmed member of the CofE for over fifty-five years. In 1960, he felt called to lay ministry and began to train for Readership despite interruptions for career building and other circumstances. He has great experience in church administration and since being licensed in Norwich in 2005 he has ministered in a six-parish benefice, and a thirty seven parish deanery. Having moved to Hampshire in 2013, he now enjoys his ministry in the Portway & Danebury Team. He is trained in funeral ministry and undertakes this work from time to time. Tel: 01264 889426.

Stephen Baldock: Lay Worship Leader
Stephen was High Master of St Paul’s School in South West London and has lived in Over Wallop since his retirement in 2004. He has been church warden and is now Lay Vice-Chair of the Over Wallop PCC and Secretary of the Team Council. He helps to run a weekly home group, leads Sunday worship in the team parishes from time to time and plays the organ in the absence of a professional. He is also the webmaster. He is married to Janet, a former GP and now church treasurer; they have four married children and ten grandchildren. Tel: 01264 783540 or email info@stpetersoverwallop.co.uk (administration or web enquiries for St Peter’s) or pa2pdteam@gmail.com (for Team Council business)

Marilyn Childs: Lay Worship Leader

Marilyn was a teacher and musician, both in school and church in Somerset. Having led worship in a Baptist Church for 40+ years, she moved to Over Wallop in 2017 and, while continuing to teach piano, she settled into fellowship at St Peter’s. She enjoys bringing the Bible to life especially through music and drama, and in leading Sunday worship and Bible studies. Her long-suffering, supportive husband is Max and together they help raise their son’s beef cattle. Their son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren live in Chilbolton. Tel: 01264 783435.
John Searles: Lay Worship Leader
John has lived locally for many years and has been a church warden. He was licensed as a Lay Worship Leader in October 2018. Tel: 01264 781301.