Parish Magazine

The solution to the June crossword is here and to the July crossword is here

The subscription for 2022 is unchanged at £8.00 per annum. To start a new subscription, click on the Subscriptions button below or send an enquiry to Issues are delivered to subscribers before the 1st day of each month and are available for purchase in the Village Shop or in the church.

To view examples of earlier editions (without the annual advertisements which are preprinted in the covers), click on one of the green buttons below.  Each button contains between two and four months of magazines: please give them time to download and scroll down to the month you want. More recent issues will be uploaded from time to time. Also available are copies month by month from 2007-2017; if you would like to see one, please send a message to specifying the month and year and provide the email address to which it should be sent.